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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Featured Posts, Letters

Well heyyo hello. You’re looking lovely today.

Johnball– a little made-up game that originated when two dorky middle schoolers had nothing better to do with themselves then hit large rubber balls at each other– has been spreading across the States with even more gusto than the Black Plague had on its tour across Europe.

So we put up a website. High Fives all around.

The whole reason why this site was constructed was to centralize information for both those who play Johnball and those who would like to learn a bit about the ever-spreading sport. We’re not here in an attempt to woo the masses, or to make money off of anyone, or to become “the next big thing”. We’re here because we think Johnball is stupendous and this whole internet thing is a pretty nice way to share information.

Johnball, a recently invented sport. Cody Troop vs. Ben Christiansen with onlooker Chris Borgen.

And we’re not over exaggerating when we use a word like “stupendous.”

Being that site has  just now launched, it is still in infancy. There’s plans to expand a bit, but in the meantime, you’ll still find plenty to look into. What is Johnball? This site will answer that for you. Additionally, there’s a ginormous stockpile of videos to sink your teeth into, some blog posts that you might just find worth your time and, most importantly, all the information you need for playing Johnball.

If you have any questions, inquiries, suggestions, comments, family recipes, dating advice, anything at all- be sure to get in touch via the contact page. All messages are much appreciated and will be responded to promptly (unless we are having one of our high-stakes Connect Four tournaments where all contact with the outside world is strictly forbidden).


Classic Connect Four. 4 in a row, board game.


While it is exciting to finally have this website up, all of us should never forget that the greatness of Johnball will never be found online. This sport has no ambitions of virality nor of cyber conquest. If Johnball can claim any greatness, it resides whenever and wherever people pick up bats and play the game: When it gives people a reason to come together, when it teams up with sportsmanship and friendship, when it’s just a way for people to have a good time.

The truth about this game is that it’s something anyone can enjoy. And maybe that’s just because  there is something intrinsically enjoyable about using a bat to hit a large rubber ball at someone else. But, as I’ve seen the sport played throughout the years and across the country, there’s always been with it a spirit of friendliness and an earnest dedication to deep fun. Maybe you’ll see a bit of what I mean by exploring this website; you’d certainly experience it if you ever get around to playing Johnball.


Friends and acquaintances unite for maybe the greatest game in the Milky Way.

About the Author: John Hilsen created Johnball alongside close friend William Bird in 2005. He currently calls Minneapolis, MN his home and spends most his free time working on his time machine and watching French romantic comedies backwards in a desperate attempt to find clues leading to the Fountain of Youth.