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Johnball clips from the MCoJ, Illinois, Carbondale, Eureka, UND Grand Forks, UMN, SJU, CSB, SJUCSB and more. Actionpacked, invigorating,  rejuvenating. A pickup, exciting organized sport for teams and individuals. John Ball. Hedstrom Toys. Evan Jungbauer of Thirsty River, Alex Hendricks.

Johnball Highlight Video

Whenever a game of Johnball is played, some pretty spectacular things are bound to happen.

Download the original music for free right here.


Honesty, Sportsmanship, Documentation, Friendship, and Heart at Nelson Dewey State Park. Lisa Knapek, Libby Tousignant, Tim Olson

Johnball Nationals 2012

A video recap of an incredible weekend, featuring a landslide of action-packed clips. Highly recommended viewing as this is a grand showcase of the core values of Johnball at their finest.

Massive free-for-all game. Clemens field at SJU. Saint John's University, CSBSJU. CSB-SJU. Abby Mohr, Dan Cahill.

The Battlefield of Johnball

A massive game of Nouns live from Clemens Field at Saint John’s University. Complete with great music and slow-mo instant replays.

Tony Libera investigates Johnball.

Middle Western Presents: “Let’s Play Johnball”

The Minneapolis-based arts & culture blog takes a look into Johnball. Enjoy the video and then be sure to read their editorial here. It’s all super high-quality stuff.

Phelps Park in Minneapolis: Free-For-All Johnball in the cover of night. Casey Prescott, Shannon Glenn, Turqouya Thomas, Michael Doyle

Play Johnball To Increase Quality of Life

Johnball was awarded the number one spot in Vogue’s “Sexiest People” list. See why.

Johnballers in Lakeville, MN invite their matriarchs and patriarchs out for a night-o-fun. Pickup recreational obscure game. Donna Zibley, Cody Troop, Ryan Bork, Josh Burniece.

Parents Night Johnball

Families haven’t been having this much fun together since Tuesday Scrabble™ Night.

John Hilsen in Johnball informs the masses on this whole Johnball game

Donate Yo’ Mother: How to Start a Game of Johnball

Knowledge is power. Watch this brief informative video to learn how to kick off a game of Johnball.

(Spoiler alert: it involves yelling your mother’s name.)

Grand Forks Studio 1 with Brian Gendreau. College Johnball sports club.

UND Television Covers Johnball

Grand Fork’s live TV program takes an investigative look into the greatest sport known to mankind and the school’s Johnball club.

Mostly a highlight video of Lakeville Johnball 2008. Lakeview Elementary. John Hilsen, Alana Lafavre, Alana Hilgenberg, Jessie Hornnes, Evan Jungbauer


A highlight/introductory video from 2008 laced with high-octane action that even the Power Rangers would admire.

Johnball video highlight for Saint John's University in Collegeville and the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph. Though an obscure sport, Johnball has served as a great student club and activity.

Best of CSB-SJU Johnball

A student-made highlight video featuring the best of best from the joint schools of the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University.

The Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball at Matthews Park. Bunch of rockstar hooligans, a lot from QBP.

A Day With the Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball

A video that goes to show that Johnball’s not only about playing a great game but also all the friendship and good times that come with it.

Johnball Nationals 2012. Allison Christiansen and Laura Magnuson on thumbnail. Girls game / womens game / ladies game.

Women’s Game

No boys allowed. From Nationals 2012.

UWEC Johnball YouTube Channel

Check out the YouTube channel of the winsome fellas of the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

A plethora of sweet , sweet videos will be there waititng for you.


At SJU / St. John's University, three hooligans engage in battle royale in a padded room. Dan Cahill, Adam Steinbach, John Hilsen

Wrestling Room Johnball

Three hooligans with passable levels of attractiveness engage in vicious battle royale in a padded room.

The gym / gymnasium at Saint John's University, College of St. Benedict, some kiddos play the greatest sport in the entire Milky Way. Drake Osterhout, Abby Mohr, Dan Cahill.

Johnball Gymnasium Warfare

Awe-inspiring Johnball action and heroism, sprinkled with a healthy dosage of sounds and scores from your most beloved movies and video games.

UWEC / University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Dead of winter. Humans vs zombies. Shirtless zombies, wondrous. Eric Franzen.

Johnball Snow Zombies & The Legend of Eric Zombieslayer

The dead of winter meets its match.

University of Minnesota  East River Park Flats recreational pickup sport. Mark Gallagher, Jake Panzer.

UMN Johnball: Ringed 1-on-1

Most these guys probably got into the University of Minnesota on full-ride Johnball scholarships. Free complimentary game recap at the end, making the sport look even more attractive in slow motion.

Johnball at CSBSJU. Wade Kohls vs Melissa.

Courage and Heart Will Lead You to Glorious Victory

The enthralling final moments of a tremendous Free-For-All game that began with over thirty Johnballers.

John Hilsen, Drew Christensen, Casey Troop, Eric Franzen, Tyler King, Matt Anderson,  Chris Borgen

3-on-3 Johnball

It’s Johnball at its finest as two teams battle to become the day’s champions. Stay tuned for the rousing game recap at the end.

The Shins New Slang. Andrew Wolpers carrying Laura Madsen.

MCoJ Picking Teams

The Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball divides the pool of Johnballers, making teams for Detonation. (See below video)

Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball. Luke Stangohr. Kelly Frenz. Matthews Park in the Seward Neighborhood.


Detonation is the black sheep of Johnball gametypes but is still a much-favorited way to play the game due to its high level of teamwork, intensity, and strategery.

Lakeville / Burnsville Pickup Game of Johnball. John Ball. Robby Prescott, John Hilsen, Josh Burniece, Kaya Peterson.

Friendship & Johnball Go Together Like Scarves & Italy

A pickup game of Doubles Johnball between four friends who are almost as great as friends as the four Hobbits who ventured to destroy the One Ring and save Middle-Earth.

At the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, a game of Nouns. College students messing around. Jake Wszelaki, Troy Beyer, Carl Gantzer.

UWEC Johnball: A Skirmish For Seahorses

A game of Nouns (the point-based gametype) under the Eau Claire sun. Instant replays (and some Daft Punk) have been included to optimize your viewing experience.

Cameron Axberg coolman actionhero. Dudebro. SJU. Johnnie Football.

Incredible Johnball Hit

Thank you, physics. Without you, Johnball wouldn’t be nearly as great. We owe you big time.

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire vs College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University.  Dodgeball team outdoor games. Joe Hodapp. Michael Frank.


Two valorous squadrons, one from Eau Claire and one comprised of Bennies & Johnnies, fight to the death. But not really. From Nationals 2012.

Grand Forks vs CSBSJU. Dodgeball. Some unwisely say "john ball." Here we got Michael Rogers, Cody Troop, John Hilsen.


Two teams go head-to-head in a fast & furious team sudden death game. From Nationals 2012.

FPS FPJ Illinoize Johnballers gather in a public park to fight in a game better than dodgeball. cage match, cagematch. carson mack, jeremy gerber.

First Person Johnball! Ring o’ Death

See the game through the eyes of a Johnballer and experience the marvelous intensity firsthand. It’ll be like you’re really there.

Ridiculousness, absurdness, outrageousness, while zombying. Evan Jungbauer of the Thirsty River front & center.

The Unholy Terror of Johnball Zombies

There’s no limit to how ridiculous and over-the-top a game of Zombies can get when you’re playing with a fun crew. This was from a weekend of  camping and Johnball where both Illinois & Minnesota Johnballers got together. Certainly a historic event, as there had never before been an interstate game of Johnball played before. And by “interstate,” we don’t mean a on an interstate road. Use your common sense.

On Clemens field at St. John's University, the student Johnball club gets ready for a large game of ringed 2-on-2, where the will use their wiffleball bats in glorious combat. Adam Steinbach, Genavieve Lawler, Matthew Pendleton, Cameron Axberg, Karly Queenan, Zach Silbernick, Patrick Hayden, Kaylee Matthews, Dan Cahill

CSB/SJU Picking Teams

The bright young minds of Collegeville dichotomize the company of Johnballers for a game of Ringed 2-on-2. (See below video)

On Clemens field, home of the Johnnies, a cagematch of epic proportions. Again, like dodgeball, you know, infinitely better. Dan Cahill, Kaylee Matthews begin the match vs. Genavieve Lawler and Matthew Pendleton.

CSB/SJU Johnball: Ringed 2-on-2

A ringed game of epic proportions. This is a great example of trying new variations within gametypes. “Hey,” the CSB/SJU Johnballers had said that day, “why don’t we just make it a Ringed 2-on-2 game as opposed to the traditional Ringed 1-on-1? Could be fun!”

Johnball superstars  warbling Sydney Carter's "John Ball." Michael Rogers, Joe Hodapp,  Michael Muenchow, Matthew Anderson, and Dr. Eric Franzen.

Sing Johnball (A Capella Dubstep)

When their voices combined, the pharaohs of old openly wept and noble samurai lay century-old feuds to rest. From Nationals 2012.

Joe Hodapp, Joe Lampe, and Iliya Hoffert heal the world. A trio heavenmade.

Sing Johnball, And Tell It To Them All

Once Johnballers discovered Sydney Carter’s “Johnball,” it quickly became our anthem.

Clemens Field. plastic bat, large rubber balls. Forrest Anderson.

Friday Night Lights

Chronicling the glorious combat of the final four contesters in a large Free-For-All game under the lights on SJU’s football field.

Backyard games with plastic wiffle ball bats and large rubber playballs by Hedstrom, Ball Bounce and Sport, Inc. Jake Panzer, Ben Saxton, Benjamin Saxton, Brendon Jones, Thomas Kunkel, Hilsen.

Lakeville Johnball: Ringed 1-on-1

Wrapping up a day of Johnball with the Circle of Death is certainly a fine way to go about things.

Adam Kunkel, Tommy Martell, Thomas Martell, Brendon Jones, Ryan Bork playing Johnball, an obscure sport, new game, in Lakeville. Whiffle ball bats and large rubber ball.

An Outrageously Satisfying Doubles Championship

2-on-2 Johnball between four lionhearted warriors. Complete with a Game Recap that’s guaranteed to stimulate your inner Samurai instinct (or your money back)!

Ringed 1-on-1 Johnball. Curtis Parker, Alex Hendricks, Casey Prescott, Justin Dewitt, Nathan Holland, Jack Rynerson. Matthews Park in Seward.

MCoJ Ringed 1-on-1 (Round One)

The Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball forms the Circle-O-Death. Which team will claim victory? Which team will go home forever shamed?

Team cagematch in minneapolis public parks. Justin Dewitt, Ian Sandigo, Minh Tran, Casey Prescott.

MCoJ Ringed 1-on-1 (Round Two)

The heated battle rages on.

Teamwork and sportsmanship abounding. Sebastian Love, Jeremy Hauglid, Minh Tran, Mango Sheen, Casey Prescott, Jen Wenmark

MCoJ Ringed 1-on-1 (Final Round)

What team has the fortitude necessary to finalize the final battle and claim victorious victory?

UMN Gophers playing dodgeball like game at East River Flats Park. Evan Jungbauer, Alex Hendricks, Greg Dryke, Gregory Dryke, Alex Herrild, Timothy Caleb Wells,  Max Davis, Todd Hennen.

UMN Johnball! A Battle For Pterodactyls

“Points” is just too dull of a word. That’s why whenever Johnballers play this point-based gametype, they choose a random noun in place of the word “points.” (Hence the name of the gametype, Nouns.) So here we have a herd of Gopher Johnballers endeavoring to obtain more pterodactyls than his fellow man. It was a beautiful day to play Johnball, just as every single day in the history of the universe has been a beautiful day to play Johnnball.

Santa Claus joins in the foray of the game. Man in santa suit. Santasuit. Reindeer games. John Hilsen, Brock Hilsen, Casey Troop, john ball. Fun excitement obscure weird sports. costumed sports.

A Holly Jolly VIP Game

Every game of VIP starts off with each team introducing themselves; they’ll share their team names (which should always include alliteration) and their intended charity. After that, the battle commences. This April game of Johnball included a surprise visit from S. Clause himself. Because it’s never too early to spread some holiday cheer.

 South MN, Invented sport known as Johnball. Crazygame. Dodging balls and bats. Simon Ozbek, Zach Meier, Mark Gallagher, Casey Troop. Hilsen.

A Rousing Doubles Game

Take a gander into a Doubles game that Sports Illustrated called “Nice” and “Pretty cool” (October 2011 issue). You’ll even get an exclusive look into the timeless and sacred ritual that goes into determining pairings.

Extreme sports. Extremesports. Casey Prescott, Andrew Wolpers. large rubber ball. balls. backyard recreational madeup games,

Ringed 1-on-1 in Minneapolis

Just about all gametypes work with any given size. Here we have a video chronicling a smaller 1-on-1 game, but it’s still a match that’s both heated and fun to watch, like a hot pocket in the microwave.