Ten of the Best Johnball Videos

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YouTube greatest hits, highlight of awesome action.

Maybe you’ve already seen the ridiculously rousing highlight video and maybe you haven’t. Either way, there’s plenty more Johnball videos out there that will not only entertain but quite possibly inspire you to pick up the nearest bat and start hitting balls at whoever happens to be around.

These videos are in no particular order and come in a variety of flavors so you’re encouraged to just scroll through and play whatever ones seem to tickle your fancy. (To which you respond: “Tickle my fancy WHAT?” Cue uproarious studio audience laughter.)

Grab some popcorn– or something healthier if you’re dieting– and enjoy.



1) Johnball Nationals 2012


This past summer, over sixty Johnballers came together for a weekend of merrymaking and vigorous gaming- all while camping out in the Wisconsinite wilderness. While a lot of the games had a tournament set-up with various accolades awarded, it was still always all about the spirit of the game and the love of just “Hey, let’s have some fun.”

Not only is this a recap of that phenomenal weekend, it’s also the truest display of what Johnball is really all about (in video form, that is). One heck of a fun video to watch.

Phelps Park in Minneapolis: Free-For-All Johnball in the cover of night. Casey Prescott, Shannon Glenn, Turqouya Thomas, Michael Doyle

2) Play Johnball To Improve Quality of Life


A study of energy and matter in space and time, all groovin’ along to the music of Ratatat.


3) The Battlefield of Johnball


Set in Saint John’s football stadium, this is a tremendously energized and massive game of Nouns (the point-based Free-For-All gametype). The video is outfitted with multiple ingredients that add up to a scrumptious viewing experience: You got instant replays, a rousing musical score, awe-inspiring action, heartwarming jubilation, and one tear-jerking conclusion.

I would argue that Johnball is just about peerless as a spectator sport. There’s just so many cool things that are constantly happening throughout any given game; it’s all pretty darn thrilling to watch. Check out this video and see if don’t agree (even just a tiny bit).

Good ol' fashioned wholesome fun goodtimes merriment.

4) Parents Night Johnball


Johnballers from Lakeville, MN get their parents involved in the game- and the result is profoundly priceless. As many will tell you, one of the greatest things about Johnball is the inclusivity of the sport. It’s not just that all different sorts of people can play it; it’s that all different sorts of people can play it together.




An obscure sport, but a great recreational game for kids, adults, pandas, robots. John Hilsen.

5) Johnball!


A highlight/introductory video loaded up with lots-o-action. This was the first Johnball video ever released, and it’s still one of the greatest. For many Johnballers out there today, this was their first look at the game. Even though the sport has expanded a lot since the creation of this video, you’re still seeing the same great game.




Johnball in SJU's red padded room. Dodging balls indoors. Hedstrom toys.

6) Wrestling Room Johnball


Some people might have the impression that bigger is better when it comes to Johnball, but that’s certainly not the case. It’s a game that will function well with any given number of participants. In fact, many a Johnballer (myself included) even prefers small groups for playing.

So here we have three ruffians who decided they’d do a few pickup games in their school’s wrestling room. Just a quick a video, but certainly one heaped with plenty slick and stupendous hits & dodges.

Femaleonly game of Johnball at National Tournament. Whimsical game.

7) Women’s Game


At Nationals this past summer, 21 Johnballers competed in a ladies-only game. It’s an exciting match to watch, and one that’s bridled with quite a bit of majestic ferocity and awe-inspiring athletic feats.

Group Game in the gym. Athletics at college. casual pickup sports.

8) Johnball Warfare at SJU


Over thirty jovial spirits come together to hit large rubber balls at each others’ faces, and the result is spectacle to behold. Added to the mix in this video are various sounds and scores from a plethora of everyone’s favorite video games and movies. I can imagine a soured and elderly retired mailman fuming “Doggone it! All this blasted extra noise is cheap and distracting!” To which I reply: “Good sir, these are the sounds and songs that people have in their head anyways when they are battling on the Johnball field. Also, thank you for your service to the US postal office.”

Whimsical sports. Casual pickup games. Nice Leap. Leapin lizards.

9) UWEC Johnball: A Skirmish For Seahorses


While highlight videos are always exciting things to gaze upon, the trouble with them is that you don’t get a real feel of the pace of the game. So if you want to see how a typical game of Johnball flows, it’d be a good idea to check out a video that covers an entire match. Like this one.

In a game of Johnball, everyone gets to simultaneously play at their own pace and more or less pick their battles. (As opposed to a game like baseball where you’re forced into the spotlight). I think this may be one reason why Johnball is liked by an extensive variety of human beings, including those who otherwise wouldn’t consider themselves as a person who enjoys playing sports.

This “Skirmish for Seahorses” in particular is an amusing thing to watch as it is furnished with slow-mo instant replays. The sport of Johnball always looks good, but oh boy, does it look ever so fine in slow motion.

The Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball at Matthews Park. Bunch of rockstar hooligans, a lot from QBP.

10) A Day With the Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball


Whether you’re on the playing field or sidelines, there’s always enjoyment to be had in the company of fellow hooligans. This video goes to show that Johnball’s not only about playing a great game but also all the friendship and good times that come with it. Even though every Johnball group out there has their differences, there’s an energy and spirit here that’s always present wherever and whenever the balls and bats are taken out.

Another great thing about “A Day With The Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball” is that it features plenty enlightened commentary from a bunch of the Minneapolis Johnballers. Take for example Casey Prescott’s words of wisdom: “The most important part is sportsmanship. It’s not about winning, it’s about being honest seeing other people go ‘Look at that guy walk off the field after being totally humiliated.’”

And, oh yeah, this video is scored with the music of Sherbetty, a band whose members are all regular Minneapolis Johnballers. Pretty cool, eh?

There’s still a whole litter of videos out there that are dying to play for you. If you fancy checking ’em out, hold on tight and teleport on over to the  Johnball YouTube channel.

About the Author: John Hilsen created Johnball alongside close friend William Bird in 2005. He currently calls Minneapolis, MN his home and recently promoted himself to the position of Presidential Directoring Grandest Overlord of the charity foundation “Fruitsnacks for Ireland.”