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ALBUM: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Johnball

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Unalienable rights with which all human beings are endowed

I suppose I’m a bit biased, but I believe that Johnball may be the most photogenic sport mankind has ever known. (Though Combat Juggling comes awful close at times.)

Starring Timm Uhlmann as "purpleshirted Johnballman" and Zach Raden as "blackshirted Johnballman."

A bold strategy.


Atticus Finch

Like a picture out of a magical fantasy land.



A Gallery In Which The Pinnacle of Joy Is Heartily Demonstrated

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Low Tier of Joy:  eating a Toaster Strudel.


Middle Tier of Joy:  getting married.


Highest Tier of Joy:  playing Johnball.


Scroll down for a vast, varied, and vibrant photo-hoard of the most photogenic pastime known to the human race. Sit back, grab a Nutri-Grain® bar, and enjoy.




Brought to you by Adam Kunkel, Adam Steinbach, Thomas Kunkel, Katy Jenkins, Matthew Pendleton, and John Hilsen. In Colllegeville, MN at SJU, Saint John's University

The chaos of Johnball knows no bounds. Its bedlam, limitless.

Chris Borgen, son of Larry Borgen, vs. Alex Hendricks. Both all star tug-of-war pullers for DJs tugofwar.

Trying desperately to get the johnball before it flies away.


Album: A Taste of the Sweet Nectar of Johnball

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Even a fleeting whiff of the game would fill your nostrils with nothing but pure joy.


Einstein once famously said, “The pursuit of truth and beauty is Johnball- an activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” 

And now, just for you, 24 photos from across the wide and wild world of Johnball. You’ll see what that crazy theoretical physicist was talking about.




With Robby Prescott aka Tetra Lotus, a Johnballer extraordinaire.

“Civilize the mind but make savage the body.”

-Chairman Mao


Ryan Muenchow and Andrew Wolpers post-game celebration in Johnball

There are many things you will find if you take the time to observe a game of Johnball. One thing you will always find, however, is exuberant friendship and friendly exuberance.

Case in point: Ryan and Andrew after working together to win a game of Detonation.


Johnnie Football or Johnnie Johnball?

At other times, you might see people playing football on this Johnball field.


Album: Now The Days Are Johnball-Filled

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Eric Franzen at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire plays Johnball


Photos all abounding with friendship and heart.

Another assortment of totally rad Johnball pictures from across the universe. Check out the photos below– or take a brief walkabout and take them in on the Facebook page.


Album: Johnball Nationals 2012

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Nelson Dewey State Park, WI

Photos from the greatest weekend the world has even known. Get a good look into what Johnball Nationals was all about by getting cozy and checking out this video.

Photos also available on the ol’ Facebook page.


Album: The Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball- 5/6/12

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Garret Geitner and rio taking a brief siesta from the ultimate game

Always a nice thing, spending a day with The Minneapolis Chapter of Johnball. All photographs thanks to the wonderful Melissa Hesse.

You’re welcome to gander through the photos here. Otherwise, take them into your optic nerves via the Johnball Facebook page.

Album: Point A Camera At Johnball and You Will Capture Excellence

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Curtis Parker, in Seward Neighborhood, Matthews Park


Non-motion pictures from all around the wonderful world of Johnball.

Another buffet of delightfully exquisite Johnball pictures from across the universe. Check out the photos below– or take a brief sabbatical and see them on the Facebook page.

Album: It Exists So We May Know What Love Is

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Katy Jenkins, Julie Jenkins, Michael Jenkins


What came first, friendship or Johnball? Or should the question be: did either really ever exist without the other?


Another collection of Newbery Award-winning Johnball pictures from across the universe. Check out the photos below– or migrate over to Facebook page to take ’em in.


Album: Johnball Greats

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Legendary battlefield scene in North Dakota playing a madeup game

Johnball always looks great on camera. Here’s some of the greatest.


A collection of awe-inspiring Johnball pictures from across the universe. Check out the photos below– or ship on out to the Facebook page to take in the vast waters of their stunning glory.