A Gallery In Which The Pinnacle of Joy Is Heartily Demonstrated

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Low Tier of Joy:  eating a Toaster Strudel.


Middle Tier of Joy:  getting married.


Highest Tier of Joy:  playing Johnball.


Scroll down for a vast, varied, and vibrant photo-hoard of the most photogenic pastime known to the human race. Sit back, grab a Nutri-Grain® bar, and enjoy.




Brought to you by Adam Kunkel, Adam Steinbach, Thomas Kunkel, Katy Jenkins, Matthew Pendleton, and John Hilsen. In Colllegeville, MN at SJU, Saint John's University

The chaos of Johnball knows no bounds. Its bedlam, limitless.

Chris Borgen, son of Larry Borgen, vs. Alex Hendricks. Both all star tug-of-war pullers for DJs tugofwar.

Trying desperately to get the johnball before it flies away.


Snow sports in Matthews Park and Recreation Center in the Seward Neighborhood: Minneapolis, MN.

A magic moment.

Cody Troop with more college students at UND Grand Forks, playing Johnball in the ring of death. Vinyl balls being struck by plastic baseball bats. A Sport invented by John Hilsen, inspired by Calvinball.

True Johnball virtuosos use their entire being whilst battling in the Circle-O-Death. It is necessary to employ not only the hands but also the head, the heart, the butt.

Make a human wall! Defend the women and children from the zombies!

Absolutely the exact same formation King Leonidas used with his army of 300.

With Jack Lazorik at University of Wisconsin Stout.

“One must listen not to his fears and reservations whilst soldiering away on the Johnball field. Trust only the bat in thy hands and the courage in thy heart.”
-From the 1616 manuscript “The Art of Johnball”

Towers Field, UWEC Johnballing. Leaping lizards!

The ability to fly gives one a distinct advantage in Johnball, though you’ll need a mohawk to do it.

Abby Mohr is a johnballer and a warrior of the highest calibur. Look at that form!

Is it better to be feared or respected?
Trick question. It is better to be loved, because love is all you need.


Documentation of friendship with Michael Charles Frank, Cody Fisher, Jon Schenk, Vinnie Berken, Michael Frank, Robby Prescott, Jim Brotz, Grant Nelson, Eric Franzen, Micah Jonet and Ali Toetz.

Johnballers at the University Wisconsin Eau Claire. Nothing out of the ordinary for these guys.

A Single Man. Playing Johnball, a invented sport where you use plastic or foam wiffleball bats to hit large vinyl balls at other johnballers.

“Johnball is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”
-Thomas Merton

The Military drills, trains, gets into shape with an obscure sport.

Just recently, a Minneapolis Johnballer introduced the sport to the National Guard. “They really liked how exhausting the game can be if you push yourself– and how it really allowed the platoon to bond. Everyone wants to play again,” said Nicholas Erdos-Thayer.

At the College of St. Benedict - Saint John's University ( CSBSJU ), college students bond over an obscure sport outside the dorms.

You are the future, little guy.


In the Twin Cities, a whole lotta twentysomethings play Johnball, an obscure sport in the vein of outdoor dodgeball. A scene from Minnesota public parks in winter.

What springtime Johnball looks like in Minneapolis.

Carson Mack, Nick Grant, Vanzell Jenkins, Samantha Suk, and Jessi Funkhouser are just some of the friendly friendsters you'd see playing the game of Johnball at  Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants Johnball, as the most dangerous plaything.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche



UND Johnballers Love Johnball Like They Love The Educational Process

Starting a game of Johnball is like playing a game of reverse KerPlunk.



You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.

This really happened.





About the Author: John Hilsen created Johnball alongside close friend William Bird in 2005. He currently calls Lakeville, MN his home and never passes up a chance to be bitten by a spider in hopes that he will one day become Spider-Man.



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